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Sunrise Simulation
Drawing: 27 Dec 2019 20:00 EST

Simulate the feature of sunset, setting the brightness, duration, sleep music and volume in advance. The light will gradually dim with music, and help you fall asleep quickly. Once it reaches the time you set, the sleep aid function will automatically turn off. Nature Sounds and FM Radio with Snooze ButtonRadio Alarm Clock: In addition to FM radio stations, the Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock can also wake you with one of 7 nature sounds(birds singing, ocean waves, streams, beep, windbell, soft music and piano music, and option 8 is FM radio). The Wake-Up Light also offers a snooze function, giving you an extra 9 minutes of sleep. The clock radio offer the latest news and exciting moments, it can save up to 40 channels. Long press the FM button for 2 secs and it will star and automatically scan all stations. Moreover, the radio can also be set to alarm clock and sleep aid sound. The wake up light owns 7 different colors light and 20 levels warm light. You can use it for different occasions such as night light, reading light or atmosphere light. What makes you unexpected is that there is a USB charging port behind this alarm clock. When you are using the alarm clock, you can also charge your phone or other devices at the same time.
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Winning tickets: 34,64

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Once you've entered the game, you will be assigned a pair of numbers, called "tickets". Every player gets unique tickets with two numbers. The winning ticket will be decided by the official Mega Millions drawing. If your ticket matches the first two numbers drawn, you win.

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